Certifications and Environmental Values

We at Puume hold a strong belief that we can significantly promote sustainable development in all of our services. Thus, Puume is committed to proactive environmental management at all levels.

  • We maintain organisational structures, management systems, procedures and training plans that, as a minimum, ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • We follow the Environmental Management System principles (ISO 14001).
  • We follow the principles of TQM (Total Quality Management). We involve our entire workforce in the process of environmental management including contractors, partners and other interested parties.
  • Our ambition is to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our projects, products and services throughout their lifecycle.

In addition, we consider environmental impact especially in the following areas:

  • Material choices when they can be influenced.
  • Transport efficiency is considered with regards to structures and manufacturing methods.
  • We favour a local sub-contracting network and operate regionally.
  • We ensure the reuse and recycling of materials whenever possible.
  • We work with responsible partners.