As our customer, You are at the centre of everything!

Partner to the customer

We are close to you, our customer. We provide a designated contact person for every customer. The contact person will be a part of the project from start to finish. In addition, a cross-sector team that is specialised in your industry will innovate and implement the specific services best suited for specifically your needs.

We deliver what we promise

We are a committed, solution-centred, proactive and reliable partner. We ensure that the schedules, budgets and projects are executed professionally and according to your wishes.

An experienced and skilful expert
We will examine your business needs before starting the project. Our goal is to improve the store performance and increase sales by increasing the customer flow, conversion rates, frequencies and the average purchase value for your company.

Your vision our mission
The One Stop Partner saves you time and effort. The project is completed in less time when everything from planning to installation is completed out centrally for anything ranging from small furnishing solutions to completely refreshing individual departments and stores. Our procurement organisation will ensure that the costs remain under control.

Tailored product and furnishing solutions
We help our customers find just the right products and furnishings either from our standard Puume 32 product selection or by working together to produce custom-made products. You can discuss all of your needs with your designated Puume contact person.