K-Citymarket Koivukylä renewed its 20 meter long service desk with Puume.

The leading Finnish retail solutions provider, Puume Oy implemented the renovation of K-Citymarket Koivukylä’s service line, café and consultancy point in co-operation with the design agency Red Compass and the refrigeration equipment supplier Dayton Oy. With the reform, the annual thermal energy consumption of the service line will fall significantly.

The department store K-Citymarket located in Koivukylä, Vantaa renewed its more than 20-meter-long service line as well as its café and consultancy point. The store fittings and furnitures were supplied and installed by Puume Oy and refrigeration equipment by Dayton Oy. The space was designed by the design studio Red Compass.

K-Citymarket merchant Janne Rinne describes the end result as a modern, energy-efficient and functional environment for both customers and staff.
– The new service counter set is hugely fine. Every day, ten customers praise our service counter as the finest in the community, and that is what it really is. We got more space and usability as well as new, modern tools. The annual energy savings are also huge. The environmental aspect is involved in everything in everyday trade, Rinne says.

According to Red Compass Art Director Minna Virtanen, the aim of the reform was a modern and fresh look that communicates quality and freshness. We used environmentally friendly materials, such as real wood in the store fittings. Other materials were also chosen to withstand time and even heavy wear.

The reform was fueled by the EU’s “Regulation F”, which will significantly reduce the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants by 2030. The aim is to eliminate the most harmful refrigerants from the market completely.

Antti Niininen, Commercial Director of Dayton Oy, says that with the reform, the annual heat energy consumption of the service line will fall significantly more than before. Modular counters use environmentally friendly refrigerants of the customer’s choice.
– With the help of technology, the products are displayed under optimal conditions, which enables a longer sales time, attractive presentation and minimized drying loss. In this way, the natural look of the products is better preserved by promoting sales. At the same time, the scales of the entire store were renewed into a new generation of PC-based, touch screen scales, which enables the utilization of digitalization in the way the store wants, Niininen states.

According to Puume Oy’s Commercial Director Harri Marttinen, Puume has been designing and implementing purchasing environments for 30 years, more than 500 projects a year. The company’s goal is to continuously reduce the environmental impact of its projects, products and services throughout their entire life cycle. Puume also handles the recycling of old furniture.
– This pan-tight joint project of hypermarket environment was the first of its kind to us, but it went very smoothly in good cooperation with the equipment supplier and design studio, as well as merchant and real estate side, Marttinen says.

The entire project was completed in just four days from demolition work to the handover of the pre-installed and final cleaned space.
– Our schedule was really tight, and the importance of the project going well and staying on schedule cannot be stressed enough in such a big reform. Puume was a professional, and we only have to work with professionals so that our own business does not suffer and we can keep the store open and operational also during the renovation, says Janne Rinne, a merchant at K-Citymarket Vantaa Koivukylä.

More information from Puume’s Commercial Director, Harri Marttinen tel: +358 40 728 0747