Puume Group makes a donation for the protection of the Baltic Sea.


The Baltic Sea is currently in a critical state – it is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. The most severe problems of the Baltic Sea are eutrophication, hazardous substances, risks of the maritime traffic and the loss of biodiversity. The Baltic Sea Action Group’s (BSAG) aim is to bring together international companies, scientists, politicians and other potential parties needed for the rescue. The aim is to maintain the viability of the Baltic Sea and promote the biodiversity.

Most of the companies in the Puume Group are located by the Baltic Sea. Many of our offices f.e. in Tallinn, Helsinki and Oulu are located in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea. Many of our subcontractors and partners travel to our project sites and offices from the shores of the Baltic Sea. We are also familiar with the Baltic Sea from leisure, beach cottages and boat trips. That’s why we in Puume Group want to support the work for the protection and well-being of the Baltic Sea. Long live the Baltic Sea!

Watch a video about the campaign (only in finnish) or read more on The Baltic Sea Action Group’s website.