Hartwall Arena

Hartwall Arena is a home to world-class concerts, heart-racing sports, hockey heroes and more. Puume created three amazing restaurant worlds operated by Restel Oy for Hartwall Arena.

The Lanson Lounge is a completely remodeled vip space for champagne and good food lovers located in the upper gallery at the south end of the hall. The lounge has a direct view to the ice, so when the puck drops the mood in the restaurant rises. Puume implemented the whole interior from the floor to the ceiling.

First Lounge is a brand new restaurant for sky box guests only. It´s located on the right of the main entrance. Puume implemented the restaurant’s checkout and ticket sales counters as well as the roof, wall and floor structures.

The Cave is a restaurant excavated inside a rock. The rough restaurant space a.k.a The Cave of the Bogeyman operates e.g as a private restaurant in the home matches of the KHL team Jokerit. The restaurant is operated by Restel Oy. Puume renovated the restaurant’s cash desks, partitions and rough interior beams. The electrification of the space is also implemented by Puume.

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