Helsinki Outlet

The Helsinki Outlet opened at the Porttipuisto Park in Vantaa at the beginning of November. It has met all the expectations of both tenants and customers, and the stores has started off briskly. Helsinki Outlet is the only Outlet Village in the Greater Helsinki area built a total of 40 domestic and international brand stores. In addition to shopping, Outlet’s alleys also include cafes and restaurants and a children’s playground.

For us, the Helsinki Outlet was a big chore: for almost four months, almost 40 people worked on construction, electricity and shop fittings, completing about 3,900 m2 of ready-made retail space and 20 individual shopping environments. Great examples of our projects include: Finnish shoe manufacturer Pomar, one of the few manufacturers that still makes their shoes in Europe. Puume also carried out a number of domestic and international fashion brand stores such as Hugo Boss, Peak Performance and Balmuir. They all relyed on the construction and electrical work as well as the fittings and installations of their stores in the hands of Puume’s expert professionals.

Services used: