K-Citymarket Koivukylä

K-Citymarket Vantaa Koivukylä renewed its service line which is more than 20 metres long, as well as its café and consultant point. Puume’s contracting and furnishing teams built and delivered the furniture for the space in collaboration with refrigeration equipment manufacturer Dayton Oy. The space was designed by the design agency Red Compass Oy.

The reform was fueled by the EU’s “Regulation F”, which will significantly reduce the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants by 2030. The aim is to eliminate the most harmful refrigerants from the market completely.

– The new service desk set is hugely fine. Every day, ten customers praise our service counter as the finest in the community, and that is what it is. We gained more space and usability as well as new, modern tools. The annual energy savings are also huge. The environmental aspect is involved in everything in everyday trade, says K-CM merchant Janne Rinne.

According to Red Compass Art Director Minna Virtanen, the aim of the reform was a modern and fresh look that communicates quality and freshness. We used environmentally friendly materials, such as real wood in the store and café fittings. Other materials were also chosen to withstand the time and even heavy wear.

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