Customer flow and shopping area analysis

The Puume service and portfolio also includes customer behaviour studies for retail environments. Detailed digital analysis provides in depth statistics into the behaviour and movement of customers within the space. Through the use of the Store Fact program, we obtain detailed and reliable information on how consumers behave, operate in a store and handle goods in a physical retail environment. Based on the results, we are able to analyse what could be developed to help increase your sales. Creating objective data on the buying behaviour of consumers or various target groups, is among our specialities. Our studies are always tailored and conducted with your needs in mind.

By using the Store Fact programme, we have implemented over 160 customer analysis surveys in the Nordic countries, which have provided over 160,000 different measurable observations. Based on the results, we can identify and analyse the things that work and do not work in a customer’s retail environment. The analysis gives certainty and precision to investments such as product placement or for producing marketing data.